Welcome to Sense:buds

Welcome to Sense:buds, the brand new face of the Blue Yonder Consumer Panel.

If you are reading this, that means you have managed to find our brand-new website that has been created specifically for you, the brilliant participants who take part in market research. The website isn’t the only thing that has changed, say goodbye to Blue Yonder Consumer Panel and hello to Sense:buds. By becoming a member of the Sense:bud community, individuals can sign up for product testing studies and start earning cash simply by sharing their thoughts and opinions on the latest products.

For those who have been a part of Blue Yonder’s panel for many months or years, you will now be referred to as a Sense:bud. As a Sense:bud you will receive invites to market research projects, receive a monthly newsletter, as well as have a chance to be entered into a monthly raffle draw. On top of this, our goal this year is to make your experience as great as it can be so we will be paying particularly strong attention on your feedback on how we can improve our services.

We had a chat with Jonathan Million, Chief Innovation Officer and founder of Blue Yonder, to find out more about how the idea came about.

Jonathan told us: “Our consumer panel is an essential part of our business, providing high quality, engaged participants for your studies. It can be hard to communicate with them in the way we want to whilst trying to protect the Blue Yonder brand, so we have given them a brand of their own, which will have its own personality and allow us to communicate on their terms in the right tone, the future of panels is in nurtured specialist communities.  

“Sense:Buds - is our new community platform, a new way to grow and support our testing communities. I want to thank the team for digging incredibly deep to get this new initiative designed, developed, tested and ready to launch all within a few months. It has been very rewarding to watch you all use your creative and strategic talents to bring this new sub-brand to life and I am very excited to see what the future holds!”

Our Fieldwork Manager, Ellie Atack, added: “I’m delighted that everyone can now see the hard work we have been doing in background to relaunch our consumer panel and create a brand that is made specifically for the consumers and their needs.  

“Without consumers, there is no market research. Sense:buds puts the consumer at the forefront of everything we do, and we will ensure it has everything you need to take part in market research projects.”  

So, why rebrand? Well, there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, we wanted a clearer separation between our client facing end of the business and our consumer facing end. Blue Yonder Research is still here and continuing to thrive as a market research agency, and that is who you will continue to do the research for. However, Sense:buds is now the platform that will communicate to you the studies that are available and send you all the relevant information you need.

We also thought that by creating Sense:buds it would promote a bigger community feel to the company, as it is you and other Sense:buds that are at the core of the business, and without you, there is no us.  

All invitations to upcoming studies will now come from survey@sensebuds.co.uk If you have a query or need to get in touch with us, please email info@sensebuds.co.uk. If you follow us on social media, you will notice everything has now changed also. We have changed all our social media content over to Sense:buds as well as our emails. This means if you start seeing emails from Sensebuds.co.uk, this is us.

So for now, please explore our new website and keep an eye out for exciting announcements coming your way.

Not yet part of our Sense:bud community?