Welcome to Sense:buds

You spoke, we listened! Here is your very first Sense:buds newsletter. The monthly instalment aims to increase transparency between us as well as to keep you up to date with relevant news and the winners of our new monthly raffle results. So for now, sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!

New Beginnings:

Kicking off the year you will notice that the Blue Yonder Consumer Panel no longer exists. Although Blue Yonder is still going strong, we thought it would be better to have a clear identity for interacting with you and other Sense:buds. Also, being a Sense:bud sounds much cooler than just a panelist! This change has also been made across all our media and communication platforms so if you start seeing information coming from Sense:buds popping you over an email, that will be us.

Thanks to your feedback, we also have a few changes coming to the consumer dashboard portal as well as improving screeners. The portal will give you a live feed of all available studies that you qualify for, as well as keep your records up to date to reduce repetitive questions in our screeners.   

Announcing our all new Raffle:

Now onto the all-new raffle. We want to give something back to our consumers who help us deliver great market research for our clients. This will be a monthly draw and is completely free to enter with up to £85 worth of goods and cash available. There will be multiple ways to earn tickets to entry to increase your chances to win. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon. As stated before, this was created after hearing your feedback, so if there are changes that need to be made, please let us know.


The year to date:

Here are January and February's scores on the door, we have lots in the pipework so we are confident these numbers will be rising throughout the next few months.
STUDIES COMPLETED 1640  500px 1png

Launching our new incentive provider: 

The start of the year saw a big change in the way we do payments. For the Sense:buds that have already experienced Ayda, you will know how handy it is, but for the people who haven’t here is a brief description. Ayda is a payment system that allows you to select how you would like your money, whether it be a bank transfer, vouchers, directly to a charitable cause, or a plethora of other alternatives (you can go to their website to see all possible options).

This change was made after much feedback from all of you, so we are eager to hear what you think.  

And that’s it for the first Sense:buds newsletter! We hope you enjoyed reading, if there are any changes you want to see or anything you would like further clarity about, feel free to email us at our new email domain info@sensebuds.co.uk.

We will see you again in March!